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Article archive
lobster festivalSome Famous North American Food Festivals
Come celebrate food and drink and learn more about different festivals held throughout the North American continent every year. Some take place in summer; others in fall and winter, but they all honor the wondrous cosmos of food and drink.

Rhubarb: An Ancient Laxative
Originating in ancient China, rhubarb has had a long and interesting history both as a fruit and a vegetable. Which one is it and what does it want from the modern world are two questions answered in the article below. Read on, even if you don't need a laxative...

Quinoa: Incan Gold, Diabetic’s Delight
Quinoa was the sacred staple of the ancient Incan empire and is prized as a nutritional powerhouse? What is its history and why is it an important food today?

Olive Oil: A History Noble, Healthy and Slippery
Olive oil has a noble history dating back to the ancient world. Why was it so revered in ancient cultures and have things really changed so much down through the ages? Read all about this wondrous oil and its slippery but wonderful past.

JellyBeans: A History Sweet and Noble
The jellybean is a treat that comes from very far away. How did it come to North American shores? Read on and …enjoy.

barbecueThe Barbecue: Summer Delight With A Sizzling Past
How long have people been barbecuing and how did the tradition begin? These and other searing questions will be addressed within.

Sangria: One Bloody Punch!!
Why is sangria such a popular summer drink? How many different ways can it be made? Read on for some refreshing details.

Marzipan: A Sweet and Tasty History
How did marzipan become associated with the holidays? What is its sweet and noble history? Read on for some delightful information.

How (Not) To Cook, Serve and Carve A Thanksgiving Turkey
Is there a right way to carve a turkey? You bet there is! Do you know what it is? Aha, perhaps got you there! Well read on and learn at least how not to do this. By the process of elimination, one should be on the right track a few Thanksgivings from now!

Ice Cream: A Sweet And Glorious Past
Does ice cream date as far back as ancient Rome or does it hail from the days of the Medicis? Trace its delectable path down through history and smile. After all, it won’t cost you any calories.

Foods Named After People (Part Three)
There are so many foods named after people. Have you ever wondered why? If not, this may not be the time to start, but this is part 3 of a series of articles that address this issue and it might be the proper time to finish. Read on, if you dare and enjoy.

Foods Named After People (Part Two)
Have you ever wondered why graham crackers are so named? Or who the man is behind Earl Grey Tea? Well, wonder no more as we further explore part two of foods named after people and vice versa.

Foods Named After People: Which Really Came First? (Part One)
Did you ever wonder about how many foods there were in the world that are named after people and vice versa? No, well maybe now is the time to think about it, for there are many, so many in fact that we will need three articles to cover most of them. Read on, no matter how familiar you may be with the alphabet.

Winter Wines To Keep You Warm And Just A Tad Fuzzy
Which wines are better suited to winter weather? Are they red, white, both or some other color? Read on for some information, warm and fuzzy though it may be.

Holiday Feasting: Will You Ever Recover?
It’s that time of year when they say the world falls in love. They forget to mention however, it’s also the time when most of us put on a few pounds attending parties and sipping and supping on all kinds of fattening goodies. How can you feast without going (or falling) overboard? I’m not sure I know, but read on merrily anyway.

The TV Dinner: Can We Change The Channel?
Where did the TV dinner come from and how has it changed over the years? Read all about its evolution since the early days of television.

Brandy: How Did It Come To Be?
Where did brandy come from and what does it want from its adoring public? How did it begin its path to captivation and enchantment? Read on, if you dare to care.

C’est Si Bon Bon: The Sweet History of Chocolate
Where did this wonderful thing we know as chocolate come from? The answers are sweet, but not so short. Read on.

Gingerbread Throughout History: A Sweet Holiday Retrospective
When did gingerbread first become associated with the holiday season and why are there so many variations? Read on for some delicious answers, whether you are dieting or no.

The Pumpkin: Gourd of Gourds and King of All Things Halloween
What is a Jack 0' Lantern and how did it become synonymous with the Halloween pumpkin? What do the Irish have to do with the American celebration of Halloween? Read on for some thoughts about many shades of gray and orange.

Curry: A Spice For All Seasons
Did you ever wonder where curry came from and what it is made out of? Have you ever hesitated to try it for fear it will be too hot for your palate? Well, read on for some facts about curry which is not always so hot, but always great!

Diet Sodas; Are We Drinking As Fast as We Can?
What is this thing called aspartame? Why do some people think it is dangerous and others swear by it? Read on for some unqualified thoughts on a subject that may well make you shudder.

Winter Squash and Other Worldly Gourds
Why is winter squash planted in the summer? How come the vegetable has nothing at all to do with the game of the very same name? Or does it? Read on for some nutritious truth.

Root Beer: Have Some, My Dear
Where on earth did root beer come from? Why is it here for all of us to enjoy? Read on for some answers and a new humorous perspective.

Holiday Sweets: So Many Traditions
What is the real story behind the candy cane? How many different sweets are associated with the holiday season? Read on, whether you are sweet or not.

Amaizing Corn: How Sweet the Taste
How and when did corn become so popular in America? Why is it also called "maize"? Read on for some amaizing answers.

Frozen Foods: Are Friends And Neighbors Next?
How did frozen food become an every day item? Who is responsible for this revolutionary concept in food? Read on, for a chill.

Ketchup: When We Pour, Does It Rain and Other Flowing Issues
Why is ketchup so popular today? What would we do without it to pour on our hamburgers, french fries, meatloaf and scrambled eggs? Read on for some truths but no substitutes.

The Nicotini: Has It Arrived in The Nick of Timey?
Why smoke and drink with both hands when it can be done with one? The nicotini is no new magic act. It's just a new drink that combines nicotine with vodka. Are we ready for it? Read on and see.

Mustard: Cutting It and Otherwise
Why is mustard so popular in America today? How did it become that way? It may not be a more important question than the way it tastes, but...can you be sure? Read on for some details and a whole new attitude!

Egg Nog: Why Is It So?
What is it about the rich and fattening concoction known as eggnog that seems to be on everyone's table this time of year? Where did it come from? Read on as you drink, for the calories will always be there.

Food Icons: Immortal In the Eyes of the Television Beholder
How have food icons sustained their popularity throughout the years? Why don’t they don’t age the way that we do? Tony The Tiger looks the same as when I was five years old and both The Pillsbury Doughboy and Charlie The Tuna bear not a single wrinkle upon their well advertised brows! Read on for their secrets and a smile or two.

Garlic As A Second Language
Does garlic make you think of your favorite pasta recipe or of a lone Hungarian with a long black cloak? Learn to tell the difference between legend and fact and learn a little about a most popular seasoning and its smelly past.

The Cocktail: The Noble But Not Always Sobering Art of Mixology
Where did the cocktail get its name? Do you ever wonder? No? Well read on anyway; as you will at the very least be diverted by the interesting historical and amusing material found herein. (Cheer up. If you aren’t having any fun, you can always go mix yourself a drink.)

The Bagel: A Holey Experience
Where did this thing called a bagel come from anyway? Why does it have a hole and who thought of putting one there in the first place? These and other searing questions can be answered if only you will . . . read on.

Milk: Polyunsaturated Non Adventures In Paradise
Where did milk come from? Have babies always needed it to survive? How did the first cow get to America? Did it fly over the moon or is that how cheese originated? Find the answers to these and other penetrating questions within.

The Sandwich: Why on Rye and Other Seedy Questions
Are you whole wheat, rye or multigrained? Do you pastrami, salami, roast beef or waltz? Whatever your preferences, you'll find them here along with a pickle and a few laughs as well.

Beer: Shall We Cheer This Drink With No Peer?
Have you ever given a thought to the origins of beer? Did you ever wonder why it tastes the way it does? No, well, high time you did. Read on for some information and a chuckle or two.

Et Tu, Fruitcake!
Did someone send you one of those hard as a rock cakes again this year? Are you convinced that whoever did couldn't possibly like you and yours very much? Well, if so, please read on for an interesting look at the history of fruitcakes and what they want from all of us.

Espresso: An Art Form with Its Own Following
What does the word espresso mean anyway? Do you know or are you content to remain lost in the dark swirl of its wonderful taste? Wake up and smell the espresso and have a laugh or two as well!

Gotcha, Focaccia!
How can you bring a touch of Tuscany to your kitchen table? Introduce this wonderful and versatile peasant bread to your daily cuisine, and you will have more dinner guests than you bargained for. Enjoy and have a laugh or two in the process.

Of Tea I Sing
Where in the world did tea come from? Learn about its fascinating history, seemingly infinite varieties and, while you're at it, have a laugh on me.

Stop And . . . Eat the Roses: Incredible Edibles for the Table
Have you ever thought about eating the table setting? Talk about new adventures! Come and look at the wonderful, colorful world of edible flowers and have a chuckle or two as well!

Food Shopping: Consider the Alternative
Are you overwhelmed whenever you go to the supermarket? Do you plan to buy just a few things and end up spending a fortune? Will this article help you stop? Probably not, but it will give you a laugh.

All That Potassium and Carmen Miranda, Too!
Do you know why bananas are so good for you? Learn to trust the words of Ms. Chiquita. Read on for some insight and a chuckle too!

Low Fat Substitutes: Poly-Unsaturated Imitations of Life
Why is everything we love to eat so fattening? Is there any hope at the end of the high caloric tunnel? Take a ride, have a chuckle and decide for yourself!

Fast Food Versus Slow Food: Are You Dancing As Fast As You Can?
What is the attraction to fast food and why is it a fatal one as far as our figures and physiques go? Read on to discover its secret appeal and have a laugh (not fattening) as well.

Bottled Water: Liquid Haute Couture
Do you really know what you are drinking every time you open some bottled water? Read on and find out, if you dare.

The Onion: Tears of Joy and Sexy Too!
Where did the onion really come from and why does it make us cry when we peel them? And...did you know it has been considered an aphrodisiac since prehistoric times?

This Spud's for You: The Story of the Potato
Who were the first people to cultivate potatoes? You may be surprised to learn it wasn't the Irish. Read on and enjoy.

One For The Road A La Mode
What happens if America's favorite dessert turns out to be a spiked cocktail in disguise? Is it a good thing or no? Take a look and decide, if you dare.

In Vino Veritas
How long has wine been around? Here are some answers about the history of viniculture and the different varieties available on the market today.

Cooking Blunders: Whatever Do You Mean?
What happens when your meatballs have lumps where there should only be meat? Eat them anyway and enjoy a change of attitude about cooking boo-boos!

Eggs and Cholesterol: Will They Ever Get It Right and Do I Really Care?
What is the real deal about eggs anyway? Are they good for us or bad and do we really care? Here's an amusing look at the confusing story about one of nature's most delicious foods.

You Say Tomato And I Say…Tomahto
A new and humorous look at a wonderful fruit that dates back to the times of the Incas.

Eating Greens: Do I Really Have To?
Why should I eat green vegetables if I don't like them? Because they are good for you may be your answer, but I don't like it. Consider humorous alternative below. . .

Coffee And Caffeine: A Duel To The Death
What would happen if there was no coffee to wake us in the morning? As a caffeine addict myself, I would not be a very happy camper. How about you?

Restaurant Lobster Fare: Nearby Diners Beware
How can a fairly normal human being eat a lobster without making a complete mess? Perhaps there's no way and it's simply all worth it. Have a look and laugh!

Exotic Fruits and Vegetables: Can We Trust Them?
An irreverent look at the surge of tropical fruits and vegetables that have found their way to our local supermarkets.

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