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Links related to the articles
The Rhubarb Compendium
Comprehensive site for everything related to rhubarb.Try this link for everything you ever wanted to know!
101 Cookbooks
Here are some very healthy quinoa recipes
Museo Dell'Olivo
The Museum is located in the Western Ligurian Riviera at the northern edge of the region where olive trees thrive. Take an online tour and don't miss the "in depth examination" section with wonderful writings on history and production of olive oil.
The Olive Oil Source
Truly comprehensive web site dealing with many aspects of the olive oil industry: information, growing and production equipment, private labeled oils, advice and more.
The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean.
Cool place to visit and even cooler place to shop for your favorite candy!
Small Appliance Source
Wonderful site providing us with a wide variety of small appliances and small kitchen appliances including toasters, blenders, microwaves, rice cookers, crock pots and coffee makers.
The Smoke Ring
The source for everything barbecue. Check it out.
Wine Intro
Interesting site offering sangria recipes and links concerning this favorite Spanish drink.
Marzipan Museum
Read about the Marzipan Museum located at the foot of Mt. Galilee.
Carving Turkey
Have fun watching these vintage carving turkey videos. What you may learn is questionable, but that you will get a few laughs is guaranteed.
Wells Dairy Ice Cream Museum
Learn all about this unique museum without consumiing a single calorie! A must see for ice cream lovers!
Cowie Wine Cellars
Visit the only wine museum dedicated to preserving a state's wine history, the Arkansas Historic Wine Museum.
A great site for articles & trivia about food, recipes, quotes, events, cooking schools & tours, food art, cookbook reviews, humor & poetry and even crosswords.
Gourmet Gift Basket
A site with a corporate gift basket concierge program, in which corporate clients with large gift needs will be assigned their own personal gift concierge. Great variety of selection here!
Funny Birthday Greetings
Send the funny birthday greetings, to the near and dear ones to make them happy and cheerful on the eve of your birthday dear. A wonderful and extensive source for free cards with great animation.
Italian Food Info
Great site for information about Italian food and the most common Italian dishes and types of Italian food. Desserts, typical dishes, recipies and Italian wine.
Mexican Food Info
Another excellent site for information about the most common Mexican dishes and types of traditional Mexican food, Mexican desserts and recipies.
Chinese Food Info
Very useful site by David Gabriel with information about Chinese food. The most common Chinese dishes, types of chinese rice and noodles, Chinese desserts and soups, typical traditional Chinese food and recipies.
123 Greetings
Here's a great site with a really wide selection for sending free online cards with a food or a drink theme to folks, friends & loved ones.
A site devoted to brandy and other spirits. Comprehensive and interesting.
Chef Clothes and Chef Hat
A really great place to get chef clothes and chef hat at its best at Restaurant uniforms and apparels to restaurants, chefs, hotel.
The Field Museum
Visit this wonderful museum and its chocolate exhibition and tours.
Gingerbread Lane
A great way to celebrate the holidays by making a gingerbread house with your children. Visit this fascinating site for information on just how to do it.
The Pumpkin Nook
Comprehensive site covering all apects of the pumpkin in American culture and horticulture.
E&M Gold Beekeepers
A leader in the beekeeping industry offering: Jersey Fresh Honey including Cranberry, Blueberry, Wildflower, plus Regional Honey, Honey Soap, Beeswax Candles, Beeswax Lip Balms, Beeswax Hand Creams & Honey Candy.
Recipe Secrets
Learn how to cook the secret dishes that everyone loves but nobody knows how to make. Uncover the cooking techniques used by world class chefs from famous restaurants.
Fotosearch Stock Food Photography
A collection of more than 1 million high quality graphics, pictures, and footage of just about every food item out there and also of items that relate to food is some way. Must see (!) and no fee for browsing along with no registering.
The Curry House
Fascinating comprehensive site all about the many uses of curry.
Aspartame Information Service
Check this site for a wealth of information, news and FAQs about the subject of aspartame.
"Aspartame and Diet Soda: Extremely Bad Mojo," interesting article and commentary discussing negative aspects of aspartame and diet soda.
Bison Meat from Jackson Hole
The Jackson Hole Buffalo Company offers high quality Bison Steaks, Burgers and Buffalo Jerky. Here's where you can get 100% natural Buffalo meat products.
Modern & Contemporary Furniture
Modern furniture, designer sophistication, contemporary flare, truly imaginative, sometimes breathtaking, and yet practical, comfortable modern furniture.
Dining Room Chairs
Leather, Lounge, Wood and massage chairs and some of the nicest stackable chairs we've seen.
Tables, Table Bases & Tops
Here's a really wide selection of restaurant and hotel tables. And a "modular" style so you can create your own design.
"Off The Dock Fresh" Seafood
We found this really good place to get fresh seafood online including Fresh Grouper and Snapper, Stone Crab, Lobsters, Gulf shrimp and a selection of Gourmet Seafood Products.
The Food Museum
The Food Museum examines what we eat and how we eat it, where it came from, how it has evolved, what its impact is on the world, and what its future may be.
Small Appliance
We found a 50-year-old company that specializes in service support for branded small appliance and personal care manufacturers. They've been online for 10 years.
Recipes in Season with Chef Sean O'Rourke
Gourmet recipes, resources and tips for cooking with the best of the season. Great site with recipes built around what is in harvest right now.
Wine Cabinets and Wine Racks
Useful Information about fine wine for wine beginners explained in a simple manner. Learn the fine art of appreciating wine, the various methods of wine storage and much more! Advice on wine cabinets and wine racks can be found here.
Root Beer World
A personal web site dedicated to the enjoyment of Root Beer by providing a world of root beer sources. Checkout the Yellow Froth Pages which is a database containing 2275 root beer brands today!
Hot Sauce by Sizzlin Sauces LLC
featuring original recipe Hot Sauces, Spittin Fire, Howlin Hollar and Creepin Quag, Gift Baskets, Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Gourmet Mustards and quality tee-shirts featuring Spittin Fire Hot Sauce. Yearn for the Burn.
United Kingdom Directory
Search the whole universe of the internet. You've got to see the "sneek-peek" function!
Grand River Tea & Spice
Here's a great source for high-quality teas and culinary complements. We're impressed with the range of products including gourmet teas, cooking spices and herbs, and tea accessories.
FunnyTaf – Great free stuff
This site is a labor of love. Hard to believe there could be so MUCH free stuff available on the web!
A great ecard site. Some wonderfully animated. They can speak your typed-in text! A two week Free Trial.
Pizza Crisp
Something new for at home or pro. Keep your pizza crisp with Pizza Crisp! Make the perfect pizza with Pizza Crisp and Passero's Gourmet Pizza Dough. No more soggy pizzas! Even when reheating your slice.
Bar Stools & Barstools
Are you a restaurant owner? Check this site for savings and value! Or if it would be for your home, you can get a bargain on all sorts of indoor and outdoor furniture.
Barstools 21
We found this site and the link above to have great savings for you. The name is "BarStools", but for your home or your business, they offer way more than that!
Kalev's Marzipan Exhibit and the Georg Stude Museum Room
If you find yourself in Harjumaa, Tallin, Estonia with nothing to do, you must see this marzipan exhibit which is the only one of its kind in the world!
Kalev's Marzipan Exhibit
The display holds 180 marzipan figures, cards and cakes which are more than 100 years old and are still used by the Kalev factory to shape marzipan!
Toscana Olive Oil
These folks are producers of a sublime Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a "lemon pressed" olive oil. Their website includes great italian recipes and pasta recipes. A very interesting "About us" page.
The Maize Page
Fascinating site covering all aspects of corn production and history. Includes an Amaizing Maize Maze which is found every summer near Ankeny, Iowa.
Soy can be used in many ways, and here you can really learn about it. There are even soy candles reported to burn longer and healthier.
All Culinary Schools
This site is a comprehensive database of U.S. culinary schools where users can search for everything from culinary arts to restaurant management by location, degree type or specialty. It is a free resource for all students interested in culinary school.
100 Free eCards
Here's a free eGreetings site with a great selection, many animated. Our link takes you to their food and drink specialty section.
Culinary Schools USA
Reviews and recommendations of schools in the United States for individuals pursuing a career in culinary arts. It can't hurt to make an informed decision.
History of Fashion, Food and Time
An amazing, instructional web site made by teachers concerning the history of food throughout time. A must for gourmands!
Online Shopping - Gifts & Gift Ideas
This wonderful directory is so extensive that you can get to practically anything you could want. Here's a link to their Gourmet Food Stores section.
Caviar Info
A truly one-stop source of information for all things caviar, be it Russian, American or Beluga.
Gourmet Truffles
Find out all there is to know about gourmet truffles ranging from white, black, french truffles to truffles butter.
Easy Fundraising Ideas & Fundraisers
If you have to do a fundraiser for your school, church, youth group, scouts, or any other, how about some great ideas like: cookie dough, candy, coffee, candles, gift wrap?
Create A Cake
A family owned and operated business, offering discount cake decorating supplies, cake decorating ideas, wedding cake & candy making accessories. Quality cake decorating tools for your decorating needs!
Planet Ketchup
A wonderful fun site containing recipes and frequently asked questions about this wonderful condiment.
Mr Leonard, THE Knife Sharpener
A great way to get your tools in shape. A sharp knife is easier to use and control, but have you ever wondered why? Sends you a special package for mailing your knives.
Insane Chicken's Sauces
You'll find a wonderful catalog at this site! Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Condiments, Rubs and Gifts for people whose taste buds appreciate a change from the ordinary.
Fabulous Food Pictures
A high quality food image library and food photographic studio. Worth a visit just to see mouth-watering images on-line or to commission a studio shoot to your requirements.
Food Site of the Day
A labor of love for lovers of food and well worth a visit. Very interesting sites discovered and posted. Humorous and informative pages about individual foods and herbs.
Drink Boy
An interesting site about the adventure of cocktails. Features articles and tools of the trade related to cocktails. A very different place to visit.
Walnut Grove Cookery
Gourmet Vacations in France! Cook, tour and learn during the days, and each evening, sit down to gastronomic delights, fine wines and interesting conversation with like-minded people.
Culinary and cooking schools
The best schools reviewed.The site provides links to the best culinary and cooking schools in USA.
The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum
America's favorite condiment museum! Come visit this unique site which is the home of the world's largest collection of prepared mustards: nearly 4,000 jars, bottles and tubes from all 50 states and more than 60 countries.
Epicurean Foods International
A great site for quality Canadian gourmet foods and gift baskets for gourmet chefs around the world. Gourmet pasta sauces, teas, fine chocolates, exotic oils and vinegars, maple syrup, corporate and retail gifts and more. Wholesale inquiries welcome.
Food Jokes
Here's a new and really enjoyable collection of jokes related to food, eating and drinking.
The Food History Project
Find articles telling all about the history of famous dishes, and also the common foods that we eat
Weight Watchers
Did you know that you can use Weight Watchers on line? This is a way of working on yourself that really pays off for many people. Give it a try.
Cookbooks We Love
Cookbook picks and reviews, featuring a small, hand-picked selection of cookbooks with discount online shopping.
All Things Thurl
This interesting web site is completely devoted to the life and work of the voice of Tony the Tiger, Thurl Ravenscroft
The Gilroy Garlic Festival
Learn all there is to know about garlic and smell it until you drop! Visit this interesting festival which always takes place the last full week-end of July.
Womens Deals
A site that features deals on popular women's products and services. Find great family related advice and information. Food & cooking, health & beauty, romance, crafts and more.'s mission is simple: To bring the drink aficionados and bartenders of the world the best cocktail recipes and advice
The Escoffier On Line Network
The Web Portal for Chefs and Food Professionals. Web Resource Directory for Chefs, Hospitality Education and Scholarship Information, Classifieds Area with Guaranteed Help Wanted Ads and Free Job Seekers area, Articles, Photo Gallery and more.
Tasty Bagels
A site dedicated to the creation, history and understanding of one of America's most popular ethnic foods. You can read all about bagel history and if you get hungry, order a fresh one on the spot straight from their store!
American Dairy Association
A comprehensive web site dedicated to the success of the dairy industry. It includes important information on the most current findings in the fields of research, technology and nutrition.
Why Milk
Interesting site about the positive aspects of milk consumption. Don't forget to check out the milk moustache hall of fame.
Not MIlk
This site is all about spreading the message that milk is unhealthy. It should be considered as there is much to say on the subject, but it should not be taken as ultimate authority.
Fun and Games
A humorous site providing distractions and things to do while engulfing a sandwich. Games are java script and include Tic, Tac, Toe, 3 D Tic, Tac, Toe and Magic Squares. Enjoy even after the pickle's gone!
Soy Coffee
A specialty coffee substitute made from 100% Certified organic soybeans which are genetically pure, GMO-Free, fat free, 100% gluten free, kosher certified and naturally caffeine free.
Beer World
The history of beer is long and colorful and is almost as old as civilization itself. This site is a crash course on beer and beer-making which should answer all your questions and more. And the final exam will be the most fun you've ever had standing up.
Society For The Protection And Preservation of Fruitcake
Web site providing many links to fruitcakes galore! Check out game: Zthing Presents: Fruitcake of Doom. Here's to fruitcake then! Pull up a seat, pour yourself a cuppa something and have a slice.
Coffee Universe
Visit this web site that considers itself an institution of higher learning dedicated to the advanced studies of coffee. You can actually attend classes and become a professor of coffee!
Strat's Place
Informative, offbeat site on a variety of wine, gardening and food-related topics. Note this quote from their Home page: We are proud of the fact that says,"our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."
The Bread Baker's Guild of America: Stalking The World Wide Breads
Fascinating site that covers all aspects of bread production. It includes individual recipes as well as tips and tricks on one of the world's oldest culinary creations.
Cat-Tea Corner
The guide to tea shops in the United States and Canada and beyond
© with over 1800 listings and 600 reviews. Our favorite place for tea!
"Wldman" Steve Brill
Learn about edible and medicinal wild vegetables, herbs, greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms with NYC's favorite naturalist, "Wildman" Steve Brill. Find out about his public Wild Food and Ecology tours in local parks and the work he does with kids.
Cooking Recipes Portal
A wonderful, specialized links directory, completely searchable with, at last count, 567 sites on cooking!!
Tea Trail Website
A comprehensive web site that covers all aspects of the world of tea including information on The Mad Hatter's Tea party!
Mac's Picks
Mac's picks is an excellent collection of interesting and useful sites and is updated weekly. We were featured there as a "Mac's Pick of the Week" during July.
Diet Bites
Site with humorous bites for the healthy body you want.
Fascinating site with a directory and database of more than 280,000 recipes to search for and enjoy
Incredible Edible Flowers
Interesting article that covers the history of the culinary use of flowers. It also offers tips on the selection, preparation and storage of edible flowers.
Supermarket Web Program
This site provides a large list of quality supermarkets across the country divided by zip codes. It is an interactive source for nutritional information, recipe ideas, shopping hints and online ordering among many other things. Worth checking out. (Forgive the pun.)

Chiquita Banana
A wonderful, nostalgic web site which not only provides information on America's favorite fruit, but also plays the old Chiquita Banana jingle from the early days of television. It details the history of the famous cartoon and how Ms Chiquita turned into an actual woman!
What a Crock! Low Fat Cooking
An interesting site offering recipes and important information for the busy house wife (or husband) concerned with low fat nutritious meals
Still Life With Fries
The site offers anecdotal material as well as a history of the French fry. It also includes some links to interesting recipes and, believe it or not, french fried poetry!
Cooking Connect
A web directory for food lovers.
California Tomato Commission
An informative web site, offering tips, recipes and nutritional information about our favorite fruit. Check out Tito the Tomato too!
Culinary Software Services
A very interesting site that provides leading edge food service software to a vast cross section of the food service industry, including restaurants, caterers, hotels and educators.
Hundreds of recipes, cooking tips, food forums, articles, contests and product offers. Both novice cooks and gourmet chefs will appreciate recipes that run the gamut from elegant dinners to simple and delicious family meals.
Nerd World
A humorous and different web site spanning many areas. A source for articles about nerdly culture with a nerd store and a nerd wide web all its own!
Fun Trivia
A very interesting archive of fun facts and trivia on any subject you can imagine.
National Onion Association
A comprehensive web site covering the onion industry, including growing areas, tips, information and many, many interesting recipes.
Passionate About Food
Passionate About Food offers food articles, cooking tips, delicious recipes, herbs & spices information, guide to cooking techniques, cooking resources, links and more at your fingertips. A very engaging and informative site. Very well designed.
Kieto's Daily Recipe and FunnIes
Food, fun and free music for the entire family. A most amusing site!
The Potato Then & Now
A comparison of modern potato growing techniques and ideas with those of the past. Many "Fun Facts" such as: You Don't Just Eat 'Em: Potato starch is used as an adhesive in stamps and as an absorbing agent in disposable diapers.
Ask the Wine Master
Ask any question about any aspect of wine etiquette or viniculture and get an informative answer!
The Tropical Fruit Association
A site that informs consumers about the variety and availability of Florida agricultural products. Great for info.
The Food Museum
Visit the world's only independent food museum! Here you can find any food, no matter how obscure by name, by hemisphere and by type!
Smell The Coffee
A very interesting web site for coffee afficianados. Contains recipes, forums and even feature articles about the world's coffee regions, different brewing methods and the history of our favorite demon brew.
American Egg Board
Here, egg lovers will find egg recipes, answers to FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), egg facts, egg nutrition information, and egg industry information.
Peet's Peetniks Club
Try Peet's fresh, deep-roasted coffee, plus get special gifts and shipping discounts.

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