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Joy of RhubarbThe Joy of Rhubarb: The Versatile Summer Delight

by Theresa Millang

This book will show even the most novice kitchen cook just what can be done with rhubarb in more than 200 recipes. From a classic Apple-Rhubarb Crunch; to Rhubarb Loaf Cake (served warm and topped off with sweetened whipped cream), to Rice Pudding with Rhubarb Sauce; The Joy Of Rhubarb provides an impressive diversity of recipes for one of the most versatile offerings of the family garden.
festivals, family and foodFestivals Family and Food

by Diana Carey, Judy Large

This book is a unique, well-loved source of stories, recipes, things to make, activities, poems and songs. Each festival has its own well-illustrated chapter. There are also sections on Birthdays, Rainy Days, Convalescence and a birthday calendar. The perfect present for a family, it explores the numerous festivals that children love to celebrate. It is a gem of information about holidays and how to celebrate them, including recipes and games and songs.
all year roundAll Year Round (Lifeways)

by Ann Druitt, Sue Fitzjohn, Marije Rowling

This book will show even the most novice kitchen cook just what can be done with rhubarb in more than 200 recipes. From a classic Apple-Rhubarb Crunch; to Rhubarb Loaf Cake (served warm and topped off with sweetened whipped cream), to Rice Pudding with Rhubarb Sauce; The Joy Of Rhubarb provides an impressive diversity of recipes for one of the most versatile offerings of the family garden.

Rhubarb DelightsRhubarb Delights Cookbook: A Collection of Rhubarb Recipes

by Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Rhubarb is an all-time favorite vegetable that once was used for medicinal purposes, but has always tasted delicious in Mom's homemade pie. In this cookbook, you'll find more than just pie recipes to spark your imagination in cooking with rhubarb. Not only a cookbook, but a wealth of information about rhubarb: it includes fascinating facts, folklore, history of rhubarb, nutrition and health, types of rhubarb, and original poetry.

A Taste of FunnyA Taste of Funny

by Marjorie Dorfman

Humorous and well-researched articles presented on a platter of anecdotal material about your favorite foods and drinks. Learn about the tomato and why it was originally thought to be poisonous and understand why some bottled water may be hazardous to your health. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, it is sometimes said, but in the case of A Taste of Funny, it can only make you look at the culinary cosmos with a new and more discerning eye.

The Splendid GrainThe Splendid Grain

by Rebecca Wood

All about quinoa. The author's continuing holistic passion for being on intimate terms with what we eat has appeal for mainstream cooks. Philosophical, eclectic, homey, hokey, stuffed with old-fashioned values, and strewn with appealing new ideas, this is a lovingly written, thoroughly researched work. An enchanting storyteller, Wood sweeps you through interesting cultural anthropology and agricultural history, then presents an inspired collection of whole grain dishes. Recipes range from simple variations on the familiar oat pilaf, risotto, and tabouleh to tempting and imaginative barley-stuffed meatless dolmadakia.

Healing Powers of Olive OilThe Healing Powers of Olive Oil:
A Complete Guide To Nature's Liquid Gold

by Cal Orey

From ancient times to present-day, olive oil has been used for everything from health ailments to beauty and housekeeping and so much more. Now evidence shows that a diet based on olive oil can add years to your life and may even prevent some diseases. Health author-journalist Cal Orey has consulted top doctors, nutritionists, olive oil producers, and chefs, getting the most up-to-date information on the many benefits of olive oil.

The Passioanate OliveThe Passionate Olive: 101 Things to Do with Olive Oil

by Carol Firenze

The Passionate Olive reveals the secrets of how to enhance your life, love, and health with olive oil and merits a front-and-center spot among your most cherished books. It makes a beautiful gift, too, for just about everyone and every occasion. In fact, you and your friends will want to keep The Passionate Olive and a bottle of olive oil in your kitchen, your bathroom, and even your bedroom.

Candy: Sweet HistoryCandy: The Sweet History

by Beth Kimmerle

A candy saleswoman, developer and consultant, Kimmerle pays homage to the sweets industry in this colorfully designed history. Recounts in loving detail the evolution of American candy, including lush four-color reproductions of classic advertisements and packaging. Great pictures – a real trip down memory lane. Along with a few handmade treats from the recipe section, a wonderful and unique holiday gift, but like your favorite candy, don't share it unless you've got one for yourself!

SangriaSangria: Fun and Festive Recipes

by Mittie Hellmich, Victoria Pearson

From classic Spanish sangria to sparkling raspberry lemoncello, Sangria offers pitcher-perfect recipes for fruity wine and champagne drinks, plus tapas perfect for easy entertaining. With recipes for red, white, and sparkling sangria, these concoctions will turn any party into a full-blown fiesta. Sangria has a colorful history, which the author covers with her typical flair in a lively introduction. Red, white, or sparkling, the best is la sangria!

101 Margaritas101 Margaritas

by Kim Haasarud, Alexandra Grablewski

The Margarita. It’s the drink that puts the "happy" in happy hour. A beguiling elixir of tequila, citrus, and sweetness that’s guaranteed to go down easy — and put a smile on your face. The Classic Margarita—perhaps named after Margarita Sames, or maybe Margarete, a descendent of Ponce de Leon, but do we really care? — is a delectable blend of tequila, simple syrup, Cointreau, and lime and lemon juices. But as cocktail designer extraordinaire Kim Haasarud proves in this fantastic little guide, the Classic is just the starting point for margarita bliss. All your favorite margarita variations are here.

Guide To Grilling And BarbecueThe Cook's Illustrated Guide To Grilling And Barbecue:
A Practical Guide for the Outdoor Cook

by Cook's Illustrated

This book is a comprehensive nuts and bolts volume that thoroughly examines outdoor cooking starting with the basics. The 12-page introduction to grilling, "Outdoor Cooking 101," walks you step-by-step through the essentials of grilling, grill-roasting, and barbecuing using both charcoal and gas grills. Whether you’re a novice outdoor cook or aspiring grillmaster, this encyclopedic examination of one of America’s favorite pastimes will be your guide to foolproof grilling and barbecuing.

Advanced Pastry ChefThe Advanced Professional Pastry Chef

by Bo Friberg

This book brings up-to-date coverage of the latest baking and pastry techniques to a new generation of pastry chefs and serious home bakers. It covers advanced material and contains contemporary information to meet the needs of today's pastry kitchen. Nearly 500 recipes, which emphasize the techniques and presentations offered in top restaurants and bakeshops today. Illustrated step-by-step instructions demystify even the most complex techniques and preparations, while over 100 vivid color photographs bring finished dishes to life.

How to Cook a TurkeyHow to Cook a Turkey: And All the Other Trimmings

by Fine Cooking Magazine

A holiday survival guide for a wide range of home cooks: first timers who have no idea where to even begin; more experienced cooks who, nonetheless, forget every year what temperature to cook their turkey at and for how long; and cooks of all levels who like the idea of having one compact holiday handbook of recipes and how-to information specific to their circumstances. 100 recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts (including an entire chapter on pies), as well as lots of information on everything to do with turkeys (buying info, thawing times, oven temperatures, cook times), as well as on stuffing and making gravy.

Ice Cream CookbookIce Cream & Frozen Yogurt Cookbook

by Mable and Gar Hoffman

This cookbook offers more than 220 delicious reasons to whip up all-natural, high quality frozen confections at a fraction of the cost of commercial products, with or without a home ice cream machine. Along with low-fat frozen yogurts and indulgently rich ice creams, there are recipes for sherbets, sorbets, and sauces. Each new recipe includes nutritional information. An introduction explains the basic ingredients and methods. A must have for all ice cream lovers!

Wine, Food and FriendsWine, Food and Friends

by Karen MacNeil

Wine and cooking enthusiasts will know immediately that they have uncorked something truly magical with this book which combines the culinary expertise of Cooking Light with the wine connoisseurship of Karen MacNeil, today's preeminent wine authority. Award-winning author, lecturer, and television personality, Karen is a champion when it comes to the enjoyment of food and wine, which she summarizes in The Ten Principles of Matching Wine and Food. A must for wine lovers! 30 top-rated menus and recipes with wine recommendations for every season.

The Earth Knows My NameThe Earth Knows My Name:
Food, Culture, and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic America

by Patricia Klindienst

Beauty and humor in a set of profiles of 15 valiant and thoughtful gardeners intent on preserving their native birthright and on restoring and protecting their adopted land. Woven into these stories are wide-ranging details of agricultural history: how to make blue corn piki bread, the fragrance of the sweet-sticky-pumpkin flower brought by refugees from Cambodia. Klindienst's writing shines when recounting her conversations with farmers. This book's broad scope touches on the best of nature writing, singing the rhythm of growth in both plants and people.

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Much Depends On DinnerMuch Depends On Dinner

by Margaret Visser

A delightful and intelligent history of the food we eat. Presented as a meal, each chapter represents a different course or garnish. Borrowing from Byron's classic poem "Don Juan" for her title ("Since Eve ate apples, much depends on dinner"), the author looks to the most ordinary American dinner for her subjects. For food lovers of all kinds, this unexpectedly funny and serious book is a treasure of information, shedding light on one of our most favorite pastimes.

Feast: A History of Grand EatingFeast: A History of Grand Eating

by Roy Strong

Strong takes readers on a journey that encompasses the banquets of ancient Rome, to the Christian and Renaissance eras, to the 20th-century's defining status event. the dinner party. A master distiller who keeps a sharp academic lookout creates a companionable, entertaining guide. For example, the evolution and meaning of manners; the invention of the dining room; sugar's pivotal role (as a baroque sculptural medium!); and the history of cookbooks. For anyone interested in what it has meant to use a fork (first a status marker then, supplanting the knife) among much else, this is a perfect read.

A Feast of WordsA Feast of Words
Banquets and Table Talk in the Renaissance

by Michel Jeanneret
Emma Hughes and Jeremy Whiteley

The banquet gives rise to a special moment when thought and the senses – words and food – enhance each other. This lively book explores these and other concepts. Michel Jeanneret explores the paradigm of the banquet as a guide to significant tendencies in Renaissance Humanist culture and shows how this culture in turn illuminates the tensions between physical and mental pleasures. Ranging widely over French, Italian, German, and Latin texts, Jeanneret not only investigates the meal as a narrative artefact but inquires as well into aspects of sixteenth-century anthropology and aesthetics.

Chocolate ObsessionChocolate Obsession:
Confections and Treats to Create and Savor

by Michael Recchiuti, Fran Gage, Maren Caruso (Photographer)

Opening with a complete discussion of chocolate from bean to bar, this elegant array of recipes (more than 60), and ideas and flavors will bowl over every reader. The main author is Michael Recchiuti, a San Franciscan called the Picasso of Chocolatiers, and his cohort, Fran Gage, who once owned a locally esteemed patisserie and now writes for national gourmet-type publications. A must for all chocloate lovers.

The Seductive Saga of the World's Most Coveted Spirit

by Kyle Jarrard

It's fitting that a Paris-based novelist and International Herald Tribune editor should chronicle the history of the famously refined French brandy. And Jarrard does a nice job of it, offering a thorough, well-researched and objective history of cognac. Jarrard brings the story to the present, examining the various brands dominating the market today, including Hennessy, Rémy-Martin and Courvoisier. It's a must for aficionados.

Making Great Gingerbread HousesMaking Great Gingerbread Houses:
Delicious Designs from Cabins to Castles, from Lighthouses to Tree Houses

by Paige Gilchrist

This book is all you need to make gingerbread houses – whether you're a beginner or an expert. Professional gingerbread maker Aaron Morgan walks you step-by-step through the process of building a basic gingerbread house, using how-to photos and easy-to-follow instructions.

The Halloween EncyclopediaThe Halloween Encyclopedia

by Lisa Morton

Several hundred A-Z entries cover the history, folklore, symbols, rituals, artifacts, and activities of Halloween. Morton's research extends to Wiccan lore, Celtic observances, and Christian mythology, including the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Halloween: An American HolidayHalloween:
An American Holiday, an American History

by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne

Well-researched, absolutely packed with information and nuggets of fascinating lore on every page, yet the author eschews dry academic prose. The whole history behind the holiday that we celebrate every October 31. From the ancient festivities of Samhain to the parties thrown by Victorians to parades in the 30s and 40s, this book explores the significance behind this holiday.

Eat, Drink, and Be HealthyEat, Drink, and Be Healthy
The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating

by Walter Willett, MD

A nutrition expert from the esteemed Harvard Medical School presents a detailed regimen for healthy eating that readers can adopt for a lifetime, not just until the next big thing comes along. Dispelling many of the popular theories about nutrition that lead to foolish extremes, the book promotes a more balanced approach to eating and addresses the shortcomings of the misleading USDA food pyramid.

Curry: Fire and SpiceCurry: Fire and Spice
Over 50 Great Curries from India and Asia

by Mridula Baljekar

This comprehensive and informative cookery guide examines the history of curries in India and around the world. If you are looking for an easy to use authentic curry cookbook, then do not hesitate to buy this one.

Great Curries of IndiaGreat Curries of India

by Camellia Panjabi

Panjabi's guide is as beautiful to look at as it is a delight to read. Just how ingredients are combined to achieve the complex, savory tastes associated with fine curries is explained here in detail. Highlighted are recipes for dishes not found on most restaurant menus. This superior introduction for cooks unfamiliar with Indian food is also a definitive guide for connoisseurs on a quest to produce flavorful curries in their own kitchens.

Homemade Root Beer, Soda and PopHomemade Root Beer, Soda and Pop

by Stephen Edward Creswell

From soda water to sarsaparilla, this book offers easy-to-follow instructions for more than 60 traditional and modern soft drink recipes. Learn to make your own drinks, which are tastier, healthier and cheaper than anything found in stores! Fascinating stuff for anyone interested in how everyday things like soda pop evolved to become the things we take for granted today.

complete squashThe Compleat Squash
A Passionate Grower's Guide to Pumpkins, Squashes, and Gourds

by Amy Goldman
Victor Schrager (Photographer)

Part gardening book, part "encounters with remarkable vegetables," this book unearths the personalities – yes, personalities – of the pumpkin and the squash. They are members in good standing in the horticultural hall of fame, and Goldman lovingly ponders their case histories and culinary merits both with common and uncommon varieties.

growing squashGrowing Squashes and Pumpkins

by Richard Bird

This useful guide lays out the different varieties of squashes and pumpkins and shows them in glorious full color. Part of his "Kitchen Garden" series, garden expert Richard Bird shows you how to create a variety of delightfully decorative and productive plots.

The Tea CompanionThe Tea Companion

by Jane Pettigrew

This informative guide provides answers to most questions about the history of tea, the many types of fine tea available and different manners of brewing and preparation.

Christmas Candy BookThe Christmas Candy Book

by Lou Seibert Pappas, Frankie Frankey

A beautiful book with easy recipes for things not seen very often, such as sugar plums. Contains some nice pictures. A must for the Christmas baker!

Gingerbread HousesGingerbread Houses: Baking and Building Memories

by Nonnie Cargas

This Gingerbread book is the best I've seen. If you are a beginner you will have no problems succeeding with your first gingerbread houses. If you are a master, you will find that the detail and suggestions for expanding your craft are all in one book. It doesn't feel like Christmas until we've built our houses. You need a book like this which is long on ideas...have fun!

Pure Ketchup: A HistoryPure Ketchup: A History

by Andrew F. Smith

The marriage of food and pop culture has one of its better moments in Pure Ketchup. Smith's writing is lucid and clips along briskly from one astonishing fact to the next. A zestful blend of culinary history, savory anecdotes and surprising recipes.

Frozen AssetsFrozen Assets: Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

If you’ve been looking for a way to change the way you cook and put an end to the question of What’s for dinner? you’ve found it! Save hundreds of dollars, minutes and headaches by preparing a month’s worth of tasty homemade meals in a single day. Choose from over 100 freezer-friendly recipes! In addition to Deborah’s tried and true favorites you’ll find favorites from her readers.

The Whole Grain CookbookThe Whole Grain Cookbook

by A.D. Livingston

This cook book is a celebration of the good eating to be had from whole grains. Authentic, home-spun recipes reveal various grains at their best, whether on their own or cooked with meats and vegetables. Where to buy whole grain, how to store it, and how to grind your own meal and flour with a home milling machine (as with coffee and pepper, freshly ground grains are more flavorful, and cheaper, than store-bought). Appetizing, informative, and uncomplicated.

The Bartender's Best FriendThe Bartender's Best Friend

by Mardee Regan

Whether entertaining at home or working the bar at a popular club, a good bartender wants people to enjoy their drinks, and The Bartender’s Best Friend makes it easy! With A-to-Z coverage, this definitive guide presents an alphabetical listing of every drink imaginable.

Gourmet MustardsGourmet Mustards
The How-Tos of Making & Cooking with Mustards

by Helene Sawyer, Cheryl Long

Gourmet Mustards features more than 125 recipes showcasing the versatility and diversity of mustards. Whether making a mustard or utilizing it in one of the delicious, health-friendly recipes, the preparatory instructions are clear, concise, and "kitchen friendly". It truly lives up to its name and is a recommended addition cookbook collections.

Complete Book of Mixed DrinksComplete Book of Mixed Drinks: More Than 1,000 Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Cocktails

by Anthony Dias Blue

The wine and spirits editor of Bon Appetit and a syndicated newspaper columnist, Blue has now written an informative, entertaining, and detailed guide to mixing more than 1,000 alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails. Interspersed with Blue's personal and amusing anecdotes.

The Stinking CookbookThe Stinking Cookbook

by Jerry Dal Bozzo

An unusual cookbook which features illustrations and zany references to garlic cookery. Garlic lovers, take note: here is a celebration of garlic and garlic cuisine made famous by San Francisco's most unique dining experience, The Stinking Rose.

Pillsbury Kids CookbookPillsbury Kids Cookbook

by Pillsbury Staff

This easygoing guide gets kids up and running in the kitchen with homemade meals they can make on their own or put together with a little help from mom or dad. Necessary tools, clear how-to instructions, plus a color photo and a kid-friendly tip. A special icon flags recipes that need an adult to chip in. Best of all? They'll be able to say "I did it!"

Dough MagicDough Magic!

by Pillsbury Staff

Start with refrigerated dough. Turn biscuit dough into a gooey, nutty breakfast loaf; make savory pot pies with flaky crescent rolls; transform pizza dough into cheesy twists perfect for snack time-and fresh baked by you!

Best BagelsThe Best Bagels Are Made At Home

by Dona Z. Mellach

Create far better bagels at home, in far greater variety than any you can buy in a store! There are more than 60 recipes in this book, covering everything from bagels made with basic grains to those flavored with fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, vegetables and cheeses.

The Bagel BibleThe Bagel Bible

by Marilyn Bagel with Betty Flax

You won't find a more enthusiastic celebration of bagel noshing than this fun, informative cookbook and reference guide. Marilyn Bagel, (yes, Bagel) was destined to write this book. Innovative, enjoyable, and useful recipes including ideas for vegetarian, dessert, and low-fat bagels.

The Bartender's CompanionThe Bartender's Companion

by Robert Plotkin

The 4th edition of this creative drink recipe guide that includes over 2,600 delicious drink recipes, alphabetically listed and indexed by drink type and main ingredient. Also included are reviews of 126 of the hottest liquors and liqueurs on the market today.

Nancy Silverton's Sandwich BookNancy Silverton's Sandwich Book

by Nancy Silverton

Written in a charming, down to earth style, this book offers new takes on some closed-face sandwich standards like the Croque Monsieur, Monte Cristo, Reuben and grilled cheese. Recipes are versatile and easy to follow. A must for all sandwich lovers!

Milk: The Deadly PoisonMilk: The Deadly Poison

by Robert Cohen, Jane Heimlich

Robert Cohen speaks with brilliance and concern for human life. This book is the bible for dairy and should be read by everyone who has second thoughts about consuming milk and its byproducts.

Nature's Perfect FoodNature's Perfect Food

by E. Melanie Dupuis

This book illuminates the issue of milk by telling the story of how Americans came to drink it in the first place. Nature's Perfect Food will surely be the standard work on the history of milk.

Focaccia: Simple BreadsFocaccia: Simple Breads From The Italian Oven

by Carol Field, Joyce Oudkerk Pool

This book is full of good recipes that are easy to make. The variety of recipes for this fun and tasty flat-bread are astounding! The author not only provides focaccia for any occasion, but also stimulates the imagination, helping to create any recipe one might need.

Espresso: Ultimate CoffeeEspresso: Ultimate Coffee

by Kenneth Davids

The author, Kenneth Davids, provides an engaging examination of espresso's lore, legend and culture. Lots of good stuff here!

Nutty as a FruitcakeNutty As A Fruitcake: A Bed and Breakfast Mystery

by Mary R. Daheim

A horde of in-laws at a wedding brings murder and mayhem outside the hotel reception site. Enjoyable and very funny.

Edible and Medicinal PlantsIdentifying And Harvesting Edible And Medicinal Plants In Wild (And Not So Wild) Places

by Steve Brill

This book shows readers how to find and prepare more than five hundred different plants for nutrition and better health. More than 260 detailed line drawings help readers identify a wide range of plants - many of which are suited for cooking by following the more than thirty recipes included in this book.

The Wild Vegetarian CookbookThe Wild Vegetarian Cookbook

by Steve Brill

This book tells how to cook found and gathered produce. It stresses the need to forage safely and not eat any plant unless completely certain of its identification and that it's free of pesticides and herbicides. Filled with humorous anecdotes and small descriptions, almost every recipe relies on at least one foraged ingredient, though where possible there are health store alternatives.

Tea With FriendsTea With Friends

by Elizabeth Knight

If you're a true lover of the brew, pick up Tea With Friends by Elizabeth Knight. A delightful fun book full of great ideas for formal and informal tea parties. Anyone who loves tea and time spent with friends will love the ideas in this book.

The Edible Flower GardenThe Edible Flower Garden

by Rosalind Creasy

This book focuses on plants that not only enhance recipes, but also turn the dining plate into a painting! The images are both beautiful and hypnotic.

Cashing In At The CheckoutCashing In At The Checkout

by Susan J. Samtur

This book is an astonishing example of individual enterprise. Ms. Samtur offers a trip to the supermarket that permits the consumer to take advantage of the many grocery items that offer refunds

Bananas: An American HistoryBananas: An American History

by Virginia Scott Jenkins

Provides a fascinating cultural perspective on the social history of food during the nineteeth and twentieth centuries. She focuses on the banana's place in history, its challenges to modern transportation as a perishable fruit and its appeal to the American public.

A Celebration of WellnessA Celebration of Wellness

by James Levin, Natalie Cederquist

Emphasize non-fat, healthy dishes using no dairy. Recipes are delicious and outstanding, utilizing spices and herbs to compensate for anything which might be missed from fat and dairy products.

Fast Food NationFast Food Nation

by Eric Schlosser

An exposé of the first order on the fast food industry. The award-winning journalist covers everything from the overworked and underpaid teenagers who work in the industry to the factory farms and slaughterhouses run by giant meat-packing corporations. Eater and reader beware of the shocking truth uncovered here!

The Good Water GuideThe Good Water Guide

by Maureen and Timothy Green

This book is the only guide to the world’s best bottled water. Easy to read an fully illustrated, authors Maureen and Timothy Green describe many different brands of water from more than forty countries.

The Onion BookThe Onion Book

by Jan Roberts-Dominguez

Includes approximately 175 recipes and addresses many culinary questions about onions. How can one avoid tears while cutting and peeling, slicing and dicing? Chop the onions inside a plastic bag, the author advises, and make sure they're well chilled. The bounty of information available indicates that she is quite knowledgeable on the subject.

One Potato, Two PotatoOne Potato, Two Potato

by Roy Finamore, Molly Stevens

Offers more than 300 potato dishes ranging from simple to elegant, every day to special. One Potato, Two Potato is a definitive exploration into one of nature's most humble yet delicious foods.

The Wine BibleThe Wine Bible

by Karen MacNeil

This book was eight years in the writing and covers all aspects of viniculture. Thorough and entertaining, the author uses illustrations, anecdotes, maps, charts, photos and passionate opinions to express the fundamentals of mastering wine.

Cooking for DummiesCooking for Dummies

by Bryan Miller, Marie Rama

Cooking For Dummies authors first discuss basic culinary tools and techniques and then move on to many easy and impressive menus. Their humorous tone puts everyone in the kitchen at ease.

butter sugar flour eggsbutter sugar flour eggs

Gale Gand, Rick Tramonto and Julie Moskin

This book is named after the most important elements of any dessert recipe butter, sugar, flour and eggs. Chapter by chapter, the authors explore each basic ingredient followed up with a trove of recipes..

You Say TomatoYou Say Tomato

by Joanne Weir

All you will ever want to know about our favorite fruit. The book includes a wide variety of recipes as well as valuable information on different growing techniques.

Vegetables Every Day: The Definitive GuideVegetables Every Day: The Definitive Guide

Jack Bishop

How can you fix all those vegetables your mama told you to eat? This book, with its 66 chapters, will tell you how to prepare them and which spices will enhance the flavor of the vegetable of choice.

Lobster At HomeLobster At Home

by Jasper White

An impressive cookbook about our favorite crustacean, including tips on how to cook, eat and select the perfect lobster.

The World of CaffeineThe World of Caffeine

by Bennett Alan Weinberg, Bonnie K. Bealer

Fascinating coverage of the history, geographic spread and the effects of caffeine on cultures all over the world.

All About Citrus and Subtropical FruitsAll About Citrus and Subtropical Fruits

by Ortho Books (Photographer)

A gardener's look at how to grow more than 50 different varieties of citrus and tropical fruits. Interesting and informative.

Two Fat Ladies, on VideoTwo Fat Ladies

In this great video t
he late Jennifer Patterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright regularly featured on the Food Network demonstrate a variety of cooking techniques in their own unique and humorous fashion. Interesting recipes and innovative ingredients abound as do many chuckles.