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Questions and Answers about Weight Watchers

We promote Weight Watchers because their programs really can help our readers. We are proud to be a compensated affiliate. Read on to learn more about how Weight Watchers can work for you.

What is the Weight Watchers philosophy?

For over 50 years, WeightWatchers has helped millions of people around the world lose weight! At Weight Watchers, we recognize that food is one part of the weight-loss equation. Activity, healthy habits, support and smart food choices: these are the keys that can lead to real, lasting results.

Weight Watchers will help you on your journey by:

• Helping you make the positive changes required to lose weight.
• Helping you to make positive behavioral changes in your life.
• Inspiring you with our belief in your power to succeed.
• Motivating you every step of the way.

How will Weight Watchers help me lose weight?

Why Weight Watchers works:
• Start losing weight right away with Simple Start our new 2-week plan
• Learn simple ways to make healthier choices
• Get a weight-loss plan based on the latest nutritional science
• There are no required foods, just a simple, easy-to-follow plan
• You'll have flexibility for indulgences
• Stay fuller longer by focusing on Weight Watchers Power Foods fruits and vegetables

What is Simple Start?

Getting started with Weight Watchers is now simpler than ever!

Simple Start is a straightforward, do-able 2-week starter plan, with delicious meal ideas and a great new app to get you started losing weight and on the path to long term success. Click here to learn more!

Weight Watchers Mobile Apps are available to Weight Watchers Online and eTools subscribers on select devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android

What will I eat?

After two weeks, you'll be ready for everything else Weight Watchers has to offer. You'll learn how to enjoy the freedom to eat any of your favorite foods and still lose weight. Or, if you love the way Simple Start works, you can carry on with these great Power Foods. We'll just give you more tools and ideas to keep it interesting.

Do I have to buy special foods to follow the Weight Watchers program?

No, with Weight Watchers there are no special foods to buy. You choose the foods you want to eat. Weight Watchers does have a variety of products which can be purchased at meetings or supermarkets. Try our yogurt, cheese, baked goods, Smart Ones and more.

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How will I know what to eat?

We give you a daily PointsPlus
® Target, which you use along with the PointsPlus® values of foods to make sure you're eating the right amount for weight loss. Your daily PointsPlus® Target is personalized to you. You will receive your target after joining a Weight Watchers Meeting, signing up for Weight Watchers Online or signing up for Weight Watchers Monthly Pass.

I love eating out, can I do it on the Weight Watchers program?

Weight Watchers provides you with a variety of resources so that you may continue to enjoy eating out without straying from the program.

If you're a Weight Watchers Online or Weight Watchers eTools subscriber, you can use the PointsPlus® Calculator tool to find the PointsPlus® values of restaurant foods, and you can also consult the Eating Out Guide. Weight Watchers Meetings Members can also use the A-Z food list found in the Pocket Guide, or purchase the Complete Food Companion, and the Dining Out Companion to help them plan for their night out.

Is Weight Watchers a good option for a vegetarian?

Absolutely, it is a very good option for vegetarians. The Weight Watchers program does not restrict food categories, and if anything, promotes fruit, vegetable, lean protein (vegan options are available) and whole grain intake.

Do I have to exercise on Weight Watchers?

You do not HAVE to exercise, but it can be a very important part of the weight-loss journey. Study after study proves that activity promotes weight loss when combined with improved eating habits. More important, it's key for keeping weight off.

The amount of exercise you chose to do, if any, depends on what you're trying to achieve. For example, the amount of exercise required for lasting weight loss and cardiovascular benefits is considerably more than the amount needed for general health benefits like lower blood pressure and stress reduction. But the bottom line is that incorporating exercise into your weight loss strategy will ultimately result in positive effects to your health.

What is ActiveLink?

ActiveLink is one more thing Weight Watchers is doing to help you reach your activity goal. This small, state of the art activity monitor goes where you go - to the gym, walking the dog, around the house or office - and tracks your activity to show you just how much you're moving. ActiveLink is available exclusively to Weight Watchers Online subscribers, and Weight Watchers Meetings members who subscribe to eTools. Click here to learn more.

How can I get started following Weight Watchers?

You can choose between two convenient options:
• Weight Watchers Meetings: Get guidance from a leader who lost weight with Weight Watchers, and support from people like you. Learn more about Meetings.

You can attend Meetings and take advantage of Internet products too. Learn more about Weight Watchers eTools, the Internet weight-loss companion for Meetings. With Monthly Pass you receive unlimited Meetings each month and free eTools, click here to learn more.

• Weight Watchers Online: Weight Watchers Online gives you the information and resources you need to follow the program entirely online. Manage your food with interactive tools and discover delicious recipes. Learn more about Weight Watchers Online.

How does Weight Watchers Online work?

It gives you everything you need to follow the Weight Watchers program completely online. You can follow the program, step-by-step with interactive tools, recipes, daily tips, and much more. Weight Watchers Online will help you manage your food and weight, discover delicious food options, and stay motivated and informed.

What is Weight Watchers Monthly Pass?

Monthly Pass is a payment plan that includes unlimited meetings each month and free eTools. Monthly Pass is our best value. This offer is available in participating areas only and prices may vary depending on location. Learn more about Weight Watchers Monthly Pass.

Does Weight Watchers Online offer recipe ideas?

Yes, Weight Watchers Online offers over 4,000 recipes and meal ideas to help you satisfy your cravings with delicious delights.

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I am a man. Can I lose weight with Weight Watchers too?

Of course! Lot’s of men are meetings members and many of them choose to subscribe to Weight Watchers eTools for Men, the Internet companion to meetings. If you choose to lose weight online, you can sign up for WeightWatchers Online for Men, a customized online system built just for men. Men approach weight loss differently, and with Weight Watchers Online gives you all the tools and resources you need to lose weight successfully.

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