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This blender packs its own kind of ammunition and can do just about anything except shoot!
Magic Bullett Blender

The perfect gift for the chocolate lover who already has EVERYTHING!
Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Give me your tired, your poor, your caffeinated.
A Great Coffee Maker

Now you really have s-t-e-a-m heat!
Sharp Steam Oven

For lovers of both temperatures who cannot make up their minds.
Whirpool Polara Refrigerator Oven

Can open any jar. Manufacturer still working on bank vaults.
Black and Decker Jar Opener

Safeguard your ice cream from night time prowlers who happen to live in your home.
Ice Cream Container Lock!

If new and improved, what on earth were we getting before?
Egg and Muffin Toaster

For those times when you don’t feel bad enough to drink the whole bottle.
Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper

A must have for your next potato bash!
Potato Steamer And Masher

Hot dogs in a hurry and the rolls too!
Hot Dog And Bun Cooker

Manufacturer working on snow and other whitish things.
Marshmellow Maker for Kids

The perfect gift for one who both lives on and enjoys eating the edges of things.
Special Brownie Baker Pan

For the best cookies in town!
Special Silicone Cookie Sheet

A pan for all seasons and seasonings!
The Calphalon Pan

A great blender for those named Tom, Dick, Harry and...Thomasina too!
The Power Max Blender

Steam or poach. Perfect reults every time.
Grimi Steam Cooker

When the bells are ringing, but not for you and your gal...
Blowfly Alarm Clock

Who will win the title of most popular food processor? And will the victor wear a crown, an onion or a minced vegetable?
Battle of The Food Processors

Get a Grip on Reality and Citrus!
Good Grip Lemon Zester

Great Rice at a Price!
Salton Rice Cooker

When the cats and dogs are away, the information tags will play.
Rescue Collar for Dogs

When it’s almost too late to get organized...
Black Box Cord Organizer

An alarm clock to awaken all but the dead.
Sonic Boom Analog Alarm Clock

For that perfect pie topping every time!
Lattice Dough Round Press

A bread for all seasons...
Pumpkin Walnut Loaf

Hide and Go...Kill for those few extra minutes of sleep!
Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock

The Sharpest Knife in Town!
Wusthof-Trident Knives

When you simply can’t wait a moment more for that caffeine fix!
The Electric Kettle

A wonderful pot, no matter where you call home.
A Dutch Oven

Wonderful cleaning tool and never take the alternative lying down!
Upright Vacuum

The perfect food transport for those on the go-go with no stop-stop in sight.
Pyrex Portables

Half a moon is better than none at all, especially when it comes to chopping things.
Mezzaluna Chopper

A taste of the tropics with no mess or fuss!
A Great Pineapple Slicer

The perfect way to make those delectable egg dumplings!
Stainless Steel Spaetzle Maker

Good morning, transfats and high cholesterol. Sit down.
Deep Fryer Set

For those times when you might want to set your own little world on fire.
Dessert Micro Torch

Bagless, sleepless and very, very clean in Seattle and everywhere else!
Hoover Bagless Canister Vacuum

No fermentation without representation!
Harsch Fermenting Crockpot

For those extravagant, high choesterol afternoons...
French Fry Cutter

Is it more versatile than the blender? Inquiring minds want to know.
Kenwood Smoothie Maker

For that perfect cookie every time!
KrumKake Baker

The weather...for a price.
MyCast, Your Cast

A new horror tale unfolds.
Horror Summer Toilet Roll

For that perfect butter pound cake every time!
Bundt Pan

The color purple was one thing, but pink is quite another!
The Pink Zune

For Those “Catastrophic” Odors That Simply Won’t Go Away.
Hello Kitty Air Purifier

Melons, beware! Here’s the latest scoop!
Cuisipro Melon-Baller

Waffles with a colorful smile...
Hello Kitty Waffle Maker

When one does not need to ask the cost...
Prada Mobile Phone

Smile and then shoot; in that order please.
Hello Kitty Digital Camera

For the greatest wrinkle-free cookies...
Pizzelle Iron

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